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The names of Hydro, Wasif and Dosti are not new for the fitness enthusiasts of Karachi. These three have been associated with Bodybeat Recreational Centre (BBRC) for a while now and have realised the fitness dreams of many. Hydro, a celebrity trainer and director of program Hydro Fit Team at BBRC talks about fitness, nutrition, and his preferences regarding fitness and more. Wasif, the director of program Body Makeover at BBRC shares his journey of becoming a fitness trainer, and fitness guidelines among other things and Dosti Zehra, the director of two ladies-only programs Bootcamp & Bodyweight Training and Zumba Fitness at BBRC talks about her fitness inspiration, philosophy and personal preferences.

Wasif Muhammad

Muhammad Wasif

How did you become a trainer?
Muhammad Wasif: I started my career as model and I soon realised that fitness and good physique is essential for modelling. When I started working out my interest grew. I joined Shapes in 2006 and got my certificate as a fitness trainer. The certificate is granted by ACSM. My elder brother also inspired me as he has always been interested in fitness too. And I was impressed by him. But I learned properly because everybody told me a new story everyday and it got me confused. It made me take the decision that I need to study and spread the right knowledge. Then again continuing the inspiration, I attended many workshops including that of cross fit, sports, functional fitness, boot camps and gained international certifications to both become a professional trainer and improve my training skills. A trainer is as good as the number of programs he can train someone in. Since nutrition is an important part of fitness, I also studied it so I can design nutrition plans for my customers.

If a customer comes to you seeking weight loss, how do you develop a plan for them?
MW: Whenever I design a plan for a client, I have to know their medical history so I can consult with their physician if needed. Training starts once all these things are cleared and the person is declared fit for physical training. The second step includes getting to know their physical history, for example what exercises or sports they have done in the past and the target they want to achieve. I also try to understand the client’s reason and their eating habits. For physical assessment, we see many things, which include body composition, cardiovascular fitness, muscular strength and body flexibility. Only after assessing a client on these four factors can their fitness be measured. This is all part of general fitness test and it helps greatly in setting long-term and short-term fitness goals. If a client doesn’t have time or interest in getting this test done, or if the test is unavailable, then I work with their basic fat body index and medical history. Being a good trainer requires educating the client of what will be the best for them.

Name a few essential exercises suitable for almost anyone.
MW: If a client has some medical issues or is too old then it gets difficult. Otherwise the squat is the most basic form of exercise that everyone should do. Deadlift is also a natural body position and everyone, even an old woman, immediately picks up when she drops something. The deadlift movement basically involves standing straight after picking up something from the floor. A 100 kg weight is not required. It can be as little as a set of keys and should be according to every person’s individual capacity. Exercise is not meant to burden a body. It is designed to make the natural movements easier and then pushing the body for greater strength if the person wants. There are some exercises that people do even as kids. One such exercise is cycling. Many people cycle in groups. You can do it on a cycle or even on a cycling machine. Swimming is also a natural sport, which is a complete body exercise. The best part about these kinds of exercises is that you don’t get bored and they’re kind of recreational and provide a variety in one’s exercise routine, which is very good.


How do you determine a person’s workout potential to avoid pushing them to the limits?
MW: This is like the previous question and it involves getting to know the client’s history, which helps in planning a fitness routine for them. And the intensity level is set according to the client’s need. Like if you’ve defined a proper regime for each muscle training then it works better. You can do 12-16 sets per day for three-to-five days a week and it won’t count as over training. If you go beyond a certain limit the chances of getting injured increase so it has to be decent and according to the client’s needs. Cardio is done through heart rate. For example, a person who exercises regularly will have no effect from a 20 minutes brisk walk. It should be designed so the client gets fatigued slowly but surely and can complete the exercise too.

Do you have any tips or tricks to living a healthy, lean, and fit lifestyle?
MW: For healthy living it is important to change your lifestyle. It’s not that difficult to be honest. Some people may find it difficult maybe because that’s the kind of perception social media gives. But slow and gradual progress is easy to incorporate. If you pay attention to your body, it is made for movement. Every joint and every muscle is designed so it can create movement and if we stop moving the machine, that is our body, it will get weak and become less functional. So, increasing movement throughout the day is very important, be it exercise, sports, or day-to-day activities, just try to move your body as much as you can. Also, try to eat foods that are less in calories and provide fibre and vitamins. Protein is essential for muscle strengths so include that. Instead of eating two big meals, try to eat five-to-six small meals throughout the day. Try to add some vegetables and protein in each portion.

All Together

Hydris Wajiuddin (Hydro)

What are your favourite work out routines?
Hydris Wajiuddin: A good leg work out makes my day. Also a dedicated client.

Do you have any relevant certifications?
HW: I am BLS provider certified, CPR certified and Gym Instructor certified.

Do you have any knowledge regarding nutrition?
HW: Of course – you cannot train and expect results if the nutrition isn’t on point. Nutrition and training go hand in hand.

Do you prefer in-group or personal training?
HW: I enjoy interacting with groups just as much as I enjoy training one-on-one.

What makes you a good personal trainer?
HW: The results. I believe in helping my clients fulfill their dreams.

Dosti Zehra

Hydris Wajiuddin (Hydro)

If you had to define all that you do in a title – what would you say?
Dosti Zehra: Strength Coach or Functional Fitness Trainer.

Who or what gives you the most inspiration?
DZ: Educating myself on fitness.

What do you do to enhance clientele?
DZ: Treat them well and make sure they get the results they’re looking for.

How important do you think trainers are nowadays especially since there is so much information regarding health and fitness available on the Internet?
DZ: Extremely important. There’s a lot of information out there and a regular person needs proper guidance to understand what is relevant to them.

How would you describe your philosophy about being fit and healthy?
DZ: I believe in fitness being functional, which means that we need to workout to enhance our daily lives. Whether that means being able to pick up your child with comfort, having healthy organs, and staying away from common ailments. Fitness is definitely a lifestyle.


Rapid Fire

Favourite destination?
Muhammad Wasif: Maldives.
Hydris Wajiuddin: Greece.

Favourite celebrity client?
MW: Sonya Hussyn.
HW: Syra Shahroz.

Favourite beverage?
MW: Lemon mint iced tea.
HW: Orangina.

Snacks or sweets?
HW: Snacks.

Favourite book?
MW: Food Bible.
HW: Forty Rules of Love.

Favourite song?
MW: Elastic Heart – Sia.
HW: Comfortably Numb – Pink Floyd.

Favourite movie?
MW: The Dark Knight Rises and 7 Pounds.
HW: The Shawshank Redemption.

Greatest extravagance?
HW: Rolex.

One thing that annoys you the most?
MW: Noise.
HW: Ungrateful people.

What store do you shop at the most?
MW: Zara.
HW: When I’m not working out, I’m shopping to work out.

What is your favorite cuisine?
MW: Thai food.
HW: Steak.

Pet peeves?
HW: Hypocrisy.

Favourite hashtag?
HW: #hydrofitteam.

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