Although the summer sun may seem like it will only offer fun, and it certainly does but the effects it has on your skin and hair unquestionably lessen the charm of summer. So instead of stressing about split ends or lifeless, frizzy hair, there need to be some ways to deal with summertime worries and enjoy the season. This summer, your locks will have you swooning, because we have just the right tips for you.


Oil ‘em up:

Our elders continually emphasize the value of oiling our hair for a reason. We’d want to let you know that oiling definitely keeps your hair nourished and healthy. Some people really tend to cut back on oiling in the summer because it is so dreadfully hot outside. The good news is that you don’t really need to leave oil in your hair overnight; leaving it in for 2 or 3 hours before washing your hair is just about enough to give your hair the nourishment they need. To get the most out your oiling routine, treat your hair with an oil that has a combination of natural elements that will not only nourish but also aid in restoring your hair’s lost shine. If you think your hair needs a little extra TLC, you can also choose a hot oil treatment. Simply massage your scalp with some heated hair oil that is a blend of powerful oils like almond, castor, and black seed oil. When heated, this blend of miraculous oils can reach your scalp and promote strong and healthy hair.
Additionally, oiling will also help you get rid of dandruff and lackluster hair.

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Shampoo and Shine:

The increased sweating and sebum production brought on by the summer heat makes your hair appear oily and unclean. To prevent it, you should wash your hair with a mild, moisturizing shampoo that leaves your hair clean and nourished. Always choose a mild shampoo that doesn’t include any harmful substances, to gently cleanse your hair and scalp without causing any further harm.
However, avoid over-shampooing your hair since this may decrease the quantity of natural oil production on your scalp, leaving it too dry or even increase sebum production, which will make you want to wash your hair more frequently.

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Keep Calm and Condition:

Conditioners are your hair’s super hero, saving your strands from appearing damaged or getting tangled. So it’s crucial to always give your hair a decent conditioning treatment after shampooing. The main topical nutrition for your hair is provided by conditioners, thus you should not miss out on them. Leave conditioner in your hair for at least 10 minutes, after shampooing, if you want to deeply moisturize dry, damaged hair.
Make the right decision by picking shampoos and conditioners with color-protecting qualities when selecting products for hair that has been colored.

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Mask your Hair:

On days when you feel that styling and the harsh effects of the sun have harmed your hair, you should treat them with some special care by applying a hair mask. If you don’t have the time to prepare a hair mask yourself, pick one of these incredible Wb by Hemani hair masks. Natural, chemical-free hair masks work amazingly well to revive dullness and increase hydration all the way from the roots to the ends of your hair.
You would undoubtedly notice a difference in the health of your hair if you add a weekly or biweekly hair mask treatment to your hair regimen.
Put on a shower cap while the mask is on so that the heat can reach your scalp, allowing your hair masks to thoroughly work their magic.

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A Serum Savior:

It is crucial to include a serum in your hair care routine due to the UV rays, pollution, and hairstyling tools that our hair gets exposed to. Serums are especially important in the summer since they work as a shield and sealant for our hair, protecting them from dirt and damage. If you frequently use heat styling tools on your hair, you should always use a serum and work it through your roots to ends. Use a serum that holds moisture while healing the harm humidity has done to your shiny locks. Additionally, serums are a fantastic way to keep your hair manageable and protected from frizz and breakage.

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Trim and Mist:

Dead split ends really ruin the appearance of your hair, so it is crucial that you avoid having them regardless of the season. The summer sun and the tight buns and ponytails you use to keep cool make your hair brittle and the ends split. However, by giving your hair a thorough trim every few months, you could prevent it from looking lifeless and neglected. You can spritz various hydrating mists with natural components that are good for your hair’s healthy growth on your hair to seal in their natural moisture and prevent them from losing their shine. You need to add one or two more steps to your regular hair care routine because summer can cause your skin and hair to become dry.

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Let your hair grow and glow with these easy to follow Wb by Hemani summer hair care tips because love is definitely in the hair.

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