Savour moments on bold silhouettes with versatile seprates
Sadaf Khan takes to the sea in a series of stunning looks!
Elan’s bridal couture collection takes inspiration from the royal courts of the world. Redefining elegance with subtle flamboyance, a dreamy color palette, and intricate handcrafted details that shine. Whimsically embellished flora seem to flow right off the fabrics, while the soft color palette is playful, continuously transforming and shimmering with the light. For your big day be quintessentially Elan - decadent, opulent and with a dash of magic!
Amid the Covid-19 pandemic, we resort to self-isolation for self-care and love for others. Social distancing may be hard at first, but it’s made us focus on the little things that bring us joy! Spending time with loved ones, cooking, reading, meditating and more can all be done with a little bit of fashion. Take cues from our model and dress up even when you’ve got nowhere to go.
A hot summer beckons you stash your pants, especially constricting denim, in the back of your closet and opt for dresses and skirts loose enough or with slits high enough to let your body breathe. A floral maxi will definitely up the ante while solid brights are oh-so-chic for the summer.
OK! Pakistan has a rendezvous with Pakistan’s top male model
The award-winning designer talks to OK! Pakistan exclusively about her label, working round the clock plus lots more...
OK! Pakistan speaks to the fashionable duo about their new venture and going international.
A symbol of youth, health and hope – aquamarine, the birthstone for March glistens like no other! Check out some of these solid gems to bedazzle yourself with.
We’ve rounded up some of Spring/Summer 2020’s trends and nudes are definitely reigning supreme. Chic and classy, beige just looks elegant all year round. However, if you want to make it look cool: wear it in leather, a cut-out dress or a jumpsuit with oversized pockets.

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