China mentors 35 Pakistani youngsters on how to start their own online businesses.
In addition to learning Chinese, students were instructed on strategies for entering the world’s largest market with the fewest possible resources.

As a result of the collaboration between Islamabad and Beijing, a total of 35 students from Pakistan have been given the opportunity to become business owners in the e-commerce industry within their home country.

According to Express News, in order to instil the impeccable Chinese commercial expertise among the pupils of Pakistan, a variety of classes about e-commerce were made available to them.

The inaugural session of the class was held at Dawood University of Engineering and Technology, and it was made possible by the assistance of Hunan Chemical, Vocational and Technical College (DUET). As a direct consequence of this, thirty-five students from Pakistan received training in e-commerce business and ultimately became business owners on the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) e-commerce platform.

On addition to learning Chinese, the students were instructed in strategies for entering the Chinese market with the least amount of financial outlay possible.

Dr. Faizullah Abbasi, Vice-Chairman of DUET, stated that the second round of courses will be offered soon with the assistance of Lanzhou University in order to strengthen the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) initiative between Pakistan and China.

“We are collaborating with the education department of Gansu province and Lanzhou University in order to offer the online BRI e-commerce classes,” he continued. “The classes will begin in the fall of this year.”

The Vice Chancellor (VC) also stated that the effort will contribute to the elimination of unemployment in Pakistan as well as offer up new work chances abroad for students.

He went on to say that this will further strengthen the relationships that already exist between the educational institutions of both countries.

On this occasion, the creator of EduCast, Abdullah Butt, stated that a total of 10,000 Pakistani students will be offered training in e-commerce within the country over the following two years.

According to Dr. Masroor Sheikh, Chairman of the Sindh Technical Board, there is a total of three e-commerce training courses that are now being provided, and each session lasts for a period of three months. In order to successfully finish the course, you will need to attend a total of 64 hours of classes, including both 32 hours of online and 32 hours of traditional classroom instruction.

He went on to say that after they have finished their matriculation, kids from all around Pakistan are eligible to enrol in this programme and become a part of it. Not only will the students learn the language and culture of China, but they will also be educated on the relevant Chinese legislation and other potential business prospects.