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As our November cover star, Iqra Aziz gives us a glimpse of her personality, while discussing motherhood and her artistic growth


Take a page from Iqra Aziz’s illustrious television career. In just a few years, she established her presence in the mainstream drama business with effort and dedication. Aziz was lucky to start young, playing Shanzey in her first television gig – the 2014 drama play Kissey Apna Kahein. Following a few successive stints in other key roles, Iqra gained countrywide recognition with the character of Jiya in the acclaimed series Suno Chanda. The success of the drama spawned a sequel released in 2019.
Her other nuanced performances shouldn’t go unnoticed either. Iqra equally dominated a string of powerful, socially diverse characters in Tabeer, Ranjha Ranjha Kardi, Jhooti and Raqeeb Se. Her most recent role of Mahi in Khuda Aur Mohabbat season 3 further strengthened her resume as an artist.
Raised by a single parent, Iqra belongs to a family of strong, self-made women. At 23 years, she is juggling her career as an actress while fulfilling her duties as a new mom to Kabir, her son.

Iqra, how have you evolved as an artist over the years?
IA: I think my growth as an artist is in front of everyone. I have proven my growth over these past few years through challenging roles, accepting scripts that are different and out of the box, and playing characters that changed minds and taught people something.

What has your personal growth been like since entering the showbusiness?
IA: Perhaps a big part of my growth is that when I started in this industry, I was a kid, and now, after so many years, I have my own.

In what ways has your experience working on Khuda Aur Mohabbat season three been rewarding?
IA: The reward is in front of everyone. The outcome was just amazing!

Any loopholes you found while working in this project in terms of scriptwriting, character development or story arc?
IA: One should never talk about loopholes after witnessing the success of a project such as Khuda Aur Mohabbat.

What kind of stories do you want to be part of moving forward?
IA: I want to be part of projects that are based on real life stories, you know! They can be biopics as well because our industry and even outside Pakistan, many big names have lived and passed. They led by example. Hence, we should make stories based on their lives so people would know.

Do you feel that our scripts are evolving with time, or do we have a long way to go?
IA: Yes, our scripts are evolving but compared to the rest of the world, I believe we still have a long way to go.

Actors are only compelling if they bring distinctness to different characters. How do you bring variation in your roles?
IA: Trust me, I don’t think I have a hand in all this because it is very rare that actors are offered different characters one after the other. It is my luck that I was offered these roles and got the chance to play different characters each time. Alhumdulilah!

What is your greatest weakness as an actor?
IA: My greatest weakness is the rush before performing. It can spike my adrenaline, keep me alert, and emotionally vulnerable during a performance.

While performing a scene, what aspects do you consider to get into the skin of the character?
IA: When you have read the complete script, learnt the scene by heart, and you know your lines, the character comes out naturally.

What more do you anticipate from your career going forward?
IA: The only thing I anticipate from my career is good work. That’s it!

How has life changed for you since marriage?
IA: I don’t feel that my life has changed after marriage. I already knew Yasir. I knew what I was committing towards, and what my life would be like later on. Both, Yasir and I never changed as such, but yes, my life really changed after having Kabir.

How has becoming a mother changed you as a person?
IA: Okay, I don’t think this question is hard to answer because the answer is pretty simple. After becoming a mother, I have started seeing the world, and every relationship as a mother.

What has life taught you?
IA: I have learned that nothing in this world will remain. Everything will change eventually.

Who do you credit for your success?
IA: Of course, without a doubt, I will always credit my mother and sister for supporting me. My mother, especially!

Something you’d like to say before concluding this interview?
IA: I had a really fun time shooting for this cover and answering these questions!

What makes you unique?
IA: Every person is just built to be unique because we are all different from one another. So, I think I am already unique. I don’t need anything to be unique.

Describe your style.
IA: Anything that I can wear comfortably but it’s mostly jeans and a T-shirt.

A fashion no-no for your personal style?
IA: Anything that I cannot carry.

Favourite colour that you can wear all day, any day?
IA: Black.

Fall or spring fashion?
IA: I like fall.

Your favourite candy bar?
IA: I don’t like candies or anything sweet!

Your favourite female actor in Pakistan – someone who is your counterpart?
IA: There are a lot of girls I adore and appreciate because of their work. Don’t make me choose one!

Describe your spouse, Yasir Hussain.
IA: Fantabulously fantastic!

Who is your source of strength?
IA: There are a lot of people but of course, it’s my mother.


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