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“I really was a transitional story from a tomboy to a teenager with an incredible passion for fashion and hair.”


Mahvish Hasan

Mahvish Hasan is a class act, she’s the quintessential artist of the local beauty arena. With her finger on the pulse of all that is glamorous, Mahvish makes sure all that glitters in gold, after all. The make-up artist has a vast palette of making beautiful happen, from supermodels and celebrities to exquisitely styled brides. OK! Pakistan catches up with the woman with the Midas touch…


Tells us a bit about yourself and your background. How did the Mahvish Hasan Salon come about?
Mahvish Hasan: I really was a transitional story from a tomboy to a teenager with an incredible passion for fashion and hair. My sisters were always grooming their dolls, while I’d be out playing sports, but as I grew older, my obsession with art also led up to my fascination with my mom’s make-up drawer. The few dolls I did own were given a haircut by me too! As I began to feel more strongly about my newfound love of hair and make-up, I managed to convince my sisters into letting me do their make-up and even cut their hair! I wanted to take things one step further and took short grooming and make-up courses in the Summer to further enhance my skills. Little did I know that my growing passion would end up as my profession.

While I was doing my BBA in marketing and advertising, I sincerely wished for a creative outlet with fashion and styling or hair and make-up, so I decided to freelance with a well-known hairstylist and even though my interest really began more with beauty, I ended up falling in love with haircuts and hair colouring after my increasing exposure to it. This was the point I knew I wanted to go pro and get real training in the field. I got married; shared my interest with my husband and with his immense support and encouragement, I was off to London, where I trained at Toni & Guy, Bobbi Brown and the L’Oréal Academy. After a couple of years of experience and two kids, I decided to work from home, with a small one-room setup and just two work stations for hair and make-up.

“After I received an overwhelming response, I had a continuous need to grow, which is when I took the final plunge and decided to open the Mahvish Hasan Salon & Spa. My work place is practically my third child.”


Where and when did you learn how to cut hair?
Mahvish Hasan: Professionally I learned how to do haircuts once I had moved to London and started my training at Toni & Guy and later at L’Oréal Academy.

Where did you get your make-up training?
Mahvish Hasan: Make-up was mostly self-taught with short courses or a day course with Bobbi Brown, MAC, and Mario (Kim Kardashian’s make-up artist) to brush up my skills.


Make-up or hair – which would you choose and why?
Mahvish Hasan: It’s a tough choice considering both are really important to me and so connected with one another, but if I really must choose just one then it would probably be haircuts and colour. I love getting my hands on hair because it feels like a canvas where I’m capable of creating a look that an individual will be carrying for months. Good hairstyling and colour is an essential that further boosts a woman’s confidence and makes her feel even more beautiful. Being able to play a part in that process gives me an insane amount of satisfaction and a sense of accomplishment.

Describe your average day.
Mahvish Hasan: My average day pretty much entails breakfast with my hubby, organising what my day is going to look like, wait for my kids to come home from school and hear each one’s story about how everything went. I take a quick look at their homework and set out tasks for their day before I dash off to my work appointments. I look forward to each day just because each day at work is different. I have the pleasure of meeting numerous new clients who come to me for consultation and I get to customise and create looks just right for each individual, which is my second favourite part of the day right after the point where I bond with my kids. My work allows me to always stay positive and constructive. So going home to my family after a day at work always gives me a sense of completion and gratitude.


Today’s woman is busier than ever. What is the easiest/quickest way to turn a day/work look into something that works for a night out?
Mahvish Hasan: An easy day to night look for me would definitely call for emphasis on the eyes. I would recommend kohl rimmed eyes to give you that present and awake look along with any lip colour of your choice (provided that the emphasis is still on the eyes). And if your hair is already done from the day, you can always just work that for the night. However, if you don’t want to emphasise your eyes, then go ahead and pick your favourite feature on your face and work with that, it’s the quickest way!

What three make-up items should no woman leave home without?
Mahvish Hasan: Mascara, lip-gloss, and blush.

You’ve done such beautiful work on so many celebrities. Who have you not worked on that you’d kill to get into your chair?
Mahvish Hasan: I can’t really think of anyone that I’d kill to get in my chair. (Laughs)

Your most memorable moment?
Mahvish Hasan: It was great to be recognised as a colourist and hairstylist and to sign up with the L’Oréal Academy as their ambassador. I got a chance to conduct a lot of classes training people from various salons in Karachi, sharing my style and techniques.

What is your number one beauty tip? Number one hair care tip?
Mahvish Hasan: My number one beauty tip would have to be to love your skin and avoid going to bed with make-up on. Cleansing and moisturising your skin at night allows your skin to breathe while you sleep.
As for hair care, oiling once in 10 days and using the right product for your hair according to your hair type is so vital for healthy hair. Don’t just apply anything that attracts you.
Also, eating and sleeping well along with a healthy diet all play an important role in good hair and skin.


What are the trendiest hairstyles today?
Mahvish Hasan: 2018 will be about downplaying volume, where your hair drops naturally and is air dried with textured layered lengths. The fringe is out! Middle parting for longer hair lengths and updos as well as high knots will be the ongoing trend.

Upcoming make-up trends?
Mahvish Hasan: Get your intense black eyeliners and all things sparkly ready for 2018! This coming year will be all about intense black kohled eyes, metallic eye shadows, thicker eyelashes along with gold highlighters and glittery glosses. Super pretty looks will be trending.

Describe your personal style.
Mahvish Hasan: My personal style is ever evolving but currently includes playing to my strengths, keeping up with the latest while also valuing some of the classics.

What brand of make-up is the best in your opinion?Mahvish Hasan: I can’t really specify one brand to be the best. Each brand has different products that I like using. However, Bobbi Brown, Nars, Armani, and Laura Mercier are some of my personal favourites to name a few.


Which beauty products and tools are always in your kit?
Mahvish Hasan: My beauty tools keep changing with every season but here are a few products I like restocking in my kit:
-Dior mascara
-MAC Haute & Naughty mascara
-Urban Decay Indecent blush (my latest obsession)
-I can never have just one lipstick on. I always feel the need to mix two different shades to create a unique shade just right for myself. I’m in love with MAC’s Runway Hit these days and Urban Decay’s Unicorn.
-Becca liquid highlighter is a constant repurchase for me.
-Kérastase leave in hair smoothing spray isn’t in my kit but most definitely is my go-to hair essential!

What makes you different from others in your field?Mahvish Hasan: Commitment to my work.

“I never forget why I started nor does anything derail me from my goals. I believe in maintaining a standard and keeping my workplace purely professional.”


What service from your salon would you recommend readers to come and try?
Mahvish Hasan: I have constructed my salon in a way for it to be a one-stop station for all your beauty needs, be it haircuts, colour, styling, skin care, hair care, pampering manicures and pedicures, etc. All the services provided have their experts in the salon.


Rapid Fire with Mahvish Hasan

Your journey in three words?
MH: Hard work, passion and commitment.

One thing people don’t know about you?
MH: I’m a chess lover and books lover.

Favourite meal?
MH: Breakfast.

Favourite city?
MH: London.

Three people who inspire you the most?
MH: My mom, dad and husband.

Favourite lip colour?
MH: Nudes.

If you weren’t in the field of beauty, you would be a…?
MH: Fashion stylist/designer.

Where do you see yourself five years from now?
MH: I would like to set up an institute for professional hair and make-up training.

Things that make you happy?
MH: Perfumes, scented candles and dark chocolates.

How do you unwind?
MH: With music.

What would you really love to learn?
MH: I would love to learn how to play the guitar.

Your most overused phrase?
MH: “I know.”

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