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Pure Package
TESTER: Kirsty Tyler.
PRICE: From £39.95 per day.
CELEBRITY FANS: There’s a huge celebrity fanbase which includes Denise Van Outen, Patsy Kensit, Lisa Snowdon (right) and Florence Welch.
THE LOWDOWN: Each day you get three meals and two snacks delivered. Breakfast choices included Greek yoghurt and granola muesli (far right) with berries, or roasted red pepper and Parmesan frittata. Lunches were typically salads like teriyaki chicken salad, beef pesto salad and smoked mackerel and orange salad. For dinner I enjoyed the Thai mushroom and edamame bean curry, and the spiced cod and black bean salsa was also delicious. Snacks included a tasty cardamom chocolate mousse and artichoke dip with corn chips.
GOOD POINTS: This is a premium delivery service and all the food is delicious. It’s delivered daily overnight so that a fresh, chilled package is waiting on your doorstep each day when you wake up. Every meal is prepared to the highest standards with generous portions. I didn’t feel hungry at all and I felt energised from eating all the healthy, fresh food.
DOWN SIDES: There isn’t really one, except that like many diet delivery plans it would be quite costly to do this for any length of time.
WEIGHT LOSS: 2lb in three days.
MORE INFO: Visit www.purepackage.com.


The Detox Kitchen
TESTER: Yasmine Griffiths.
PRICE: Packages start from £31.45 per day.
CELEBRITY FANS: Gwyneth Paltrow and Suki Waterhouse.
THE LOWDOWN: A day started with a zingy ginger shot to wake up your tastebuds, then a morning juice like super spirulina followed by a proper breakfast. My favourite was the heavenly almond and blueberry bircher muesli. Lunches were also super tasty: a Vietnamese-style noodle salad and roasted cauliflower and wild rice bowl were my top picks. Dinner choices included a delicious turkey meatball chilli con carne and a Sri Lankan curry with juicy spring prawns.
GOOD POINTS: It was wonderful waking up to a box of healthy treats every day, and every meal and snack was delicious. My skin was glowing because of all the fresh fruit and veg – and best of all – I didn’t have to do a weekly meal plan as normal.
DOWN SIDES: It wasn’t a problem but I thought that the portions were very generous for a weight loss plan, especially as I didn’t make it to the gym that week.
WEIGHT LOSS: 3lb in three days.
MORE INFO: Visit detoxkitchen.co.uk.

VeganKeto Meal Plan by Nosh Detox
TESTER: Laura Hills.
PRICE: From £64 a day.
CELEBRITY FANS: Halle Berry and the Kardashians.
THE LOWDOWN: A vegan alternative to the popular Ketogenic diet – which follows a high fat, low carb, moderate protein meal plan – you’ll be delivered breakfast, lunch and dinner as well as two snacks a day. The diet aims to put your body it into a state of ketosis, meaning it’ll burn fat instead of sugar. It also promises to reset insulin levels, reduce blood pressure and alleviate cravings. Among my favourite dishes were the delicious coconut flaxseed pudding breakfast, a cauliflower steak lunch and a stuffed tomato and rice konjac dinner.
GOOD POINTS: I am a vegetarian who has been considering a vegan diet for a while, but I haven’t built up the courage to take the plunge. The VeganKeto Meal Plan showed me just how versatile vegan food can be. I couldn’t even tell the ‘cheese’ that came with one of the snacks wasn’t the real deal.
DOWN SIDES: It’s very expensive and while the breakfasts, lunches and snacks were generously sized, I found the dinner portions on the smaller side, which resulted in me feeling hungry late at night.
WEIGHT LOSS: 2lb in three days
MORE INFO: Visit www.noshdetox.com.

Spring Green Light Protein
TESTER: Annabel Zammit.
PRICE: From £39.20 a day.
CELEBRITY FANS: Millie Mackintosh (right) is a fan.
THE LOWDOWN: Each morning a package containing a colourful, freshly prepared and predominantly plant-based menu arrived at our door. Included was an antioxidant-rich drink – we loved the name, Morning Love + Beauty Tonic. There were also three balanced meals, a detox juice and a sachet of herbal tea.
GOOD POINTS: The food (below left) was nutritious, delicious and filling. Highlights included the tofu and carrot ‘scramble’ to kick-start our day. We also found the hearty mushroom ragu with sweet potato mash very tasty, as was the shredded chicken and beetroot bowl served with tahini. Spring Green’s menus don’t contain added sugar, cow dairy or wheat. Plus, 70 per cent of its packaging is made from plants!
DOWN SIDES: Spring Green don’t deliver outside London.
WEIGHT LOSS: I only tested if for three days so didn’t notice any weight loss.
MORE INFO: Visit www.springgreenlondon.


Balance Box
TESTER: Kirsty Hatcher.
PRICE: Four-day box, on the Market Plan – at a one-off price of £32.99 a day.
CELEBRITY FANS: Britain’s Got Talent judge Amanda Holden (right) is a huge fan and loves how easily the meals fit into her busy schedule. She has said of Balance Box: ‘The portion sizes were perfect so it was one less thing to think about. What’s more, the food was really tasty yet it was appetising, nutritious and healthy too!’ Other celebrity fans include Tamzin Outhwaite, Laura Whitmore andJo Joyner.
THE LOWDOWN: We opted for the 1,800-calorie vegetarian Market Plan
and had four days worth of meals and snacks delivered straight to our door. The box includes three meals a day and morning and afternoon snacks such as fruit, nuts and bars. Some of my favourite meals included roasted vegetable and bean ratatouille, vegetable korma curry, pea and mint soup, banana with organic rye bread and peanut butter and prune and vanilla bircher.
GOOD POINTS: Not only was the food fresh and healthy (far left) but the meals are absolutely delicious and I didn’t feel hungry once.
DOWN SIDES: There were none! If I was being picky, the trail bar was slightly dry.
WEIGHT LOSS: 1lb in four days.
MORE INFO: Visit www.balancebox.com.

Fresh Fitness Food
TESTER: Rowan Erlam.
PRICE: Packages start from £23 per day and they deliver nationwide to Hemel Hempstead, Milton Keynes, Warwick, Birmingham, Nottingham, Leeds, Manchester, Telford, Bristol and Cardiff.
Celebrity fans: England rugby player James Haskell says he’s ‘not sure how I would operate’ without FFF.
THE LOWDOWN: Each food delivery package is bespoke to you, depending on whether you want to achieve weight loss, muscle gain or a healthier lifestyle. The meals are delivered to your home or office daily between midnight and 6am in a smart cooler bag.
GOOD POINTS: After completing an online questionnaire, a FFF nutritionist will callyou to make sure the package is tailored to your needs. We chose the Wellness Package, and the meals (below left) – which can be eaten hot or cold – included a tasty chicken and cherry tomato frittata with spinach for breakfast and a mojo pulled chicken thigh with tomato salsa and spring onion for dinner. The menu is designed by a Michelin star trained menu consultant, and it shows.
DOWN SIDES: There weren’t any downsides.
WEIGHT LOSS: 2lb infive days.
MORE INFO: See www.freshfitnessfood.com.