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A rendezvous with the gorgeous Nadia Hussain, Pakistan’s renowned supermodel, television actress, host, fashion designer, entrepreneur & smashing makeup artist


Multitalented artist Nadia Hussain is no stranger to the showbiz world. She is an established actress, a dentist and an entrepreneur. With many achievements under her belt, there is no stopping her!
OK! Pakistan got in touch with the veteran star to dig deep into her professional endeavours and to further learn about her contentious encounter with makeup artist Nabila. Keep reading to uncover more…

From dentistry to acting, how did you land in the entertainment industry?
NADIA HUSSAIN: I received an offer from a friend interning at an advertising agency to do a winter campaign for Lakhani Silk Mills, which I did for 25,000 rupees, 22 years ago. I then did a walk for Shamaeel Ansari’s fashion show because she is a family friend. I ended up meeting Mubasher Khan, a business owner, at Tariq Amin’s salon, and that is when the ball started rolling into a big-time fashion scene for my career.

Did you know from the get-go that you wanted to be a TV star?
NH: Never! I was studying to be a dentist.

Walk us through your initial career struggles.
NH: Alhamdulillah, I didn’t have to struggle much because I came at a time when a lot of senior models were exiting the industry, so there was a lot of space for new talent to thrive. Since I had a good height, physique, and maybe looks too, I landed a very prominent position in the fashion industry.

What do you find particularly striking about the showbiz world?
NH: I think fame is striking. Generally, that is what people strive to achieve. They want to become famous because through fame, they get fortune. So, a combination of fame and fortune is particularly striking.

As an established celebrity, what have you observed about Pakistan’s entertainment industry that is often kept hidden?
NH: Honestly, I don’t think there is anything hidden. In our entertainment industry, people talk; there are many speculations, lots of pictures and rumours that can land anyone in hot waters. So, there is not much that is hidden.

You and ace makeup artist Nabila got into a bit of a tussle over the launch of Go Makeup Palette, a product you own. Can you give us a backstory on what happened exactly?
NH: I started my brand in 2019, and was receiving requests from customers for an all-in-one makeup palette. That is when I decided to launch Go Makeup Palette. Following the video launch of the product on social media, Nabila sent me a screenshot with a very obnoxious message, writing, “DON’T YOU HAVE A BRAIN OF YOUR OWN?”
Of course, I responded, clarifying that she doesn’t have any copyright to such an item, and my product is totally different from hers. I told her she shouldn’t feel insecure because she is a brand of her own. After reading all that, she blocked me! I was quite upset and taken aback with her pathetic attitude, so I decided to post screenshots of our conversation on social media, and that is that! No other backstory!

What are you working on these days?
NH: I have worked in a few dramas. Of course, I am working at my salon because I have three branches. I am also looking to expand my brand Bling by Nadia Hussain. Other than that, I have been hosting a few events, so all these things have been keeping me busy.

What makes you a unique makeup artist?
NH: I think every artist is unique in their craft. Regarding myself, I feel that I give a lot of attention to detail to my clients while doing their makeup. I make them feel very comfortable. I work around what they want, and work around what is in their mind. So, I try to connect really deeply and make them feel as happy as they deserve to be.

What do you hope to accomplish that you haven’t yet?
NH: I want to establish a solo brand store that will offer all kinds of cosmetics, accessories, clothes and shoes under my name.

A word of advice for upcoming makeup artists?
NH: I think it is a lot easier to become a makeup artist because you can freelance. However, if you want to run a salon for business, it is a completely different ball game. Being in Pakistan, running a business, especially a salon that consists of staff and other services that we provide is an extremely, extremely challenging task to uphold!


A fact not known about you yet?
Being in this industry for 22 years, I honestly don’t think there is anything unknown about me.

Casual or formal; what does your personal style align with?
Mix of casual and formal. Mostly, I wear smart casual outfits.

Favourite co-star so far?
Honestly, I can’t pick a favourite co-star because every artist is unique. For me personally, I get along with everybody, be it a male or a female actor. I have had fun with lots of people on-set and I think that as a co-star, I have enjoyed working with everybody. I can’t say who is particularly my favourite!

Three things on your bucket list?
1. Shark cage diving
2. Mountain climbing
3. Rally racing

Family is…?

A colour that you can rock any day, every day?
I feel I can rock any colour because I love all colours, be it black, blue, green, red, pink, orange, turquoise or purple! All colours! I am not fond of just one.

What does peace mean to you?
Peace means that everybody is happy. There is calmness, and there is a lot of positivity around!


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