The model, actress and director gets up close and personal with OK! Pakistan


Nimra Khan

Model, actress and director, Nimra Khan is known as the girl who is full of life. With a degree in Film Making from the Indus Valley School of Art and Architecture and a certificate in acting, Nimra has been proving her prolific acting skills ever since she entered the industry.
OK! Pakistan gets up close and personal with the talented star.

Tell us about your background.
Nimra Khan: My background was entirely different from what I am today. I was a sports person who happened to study Film and Direction, without putting much thought to it. Somehow my parents wanted to see me as an actor and eventually that’s what happened.

So acting is not what you always wanted to do?
NK: No, I never thought about it. It was never on my mind but now I am working hard to be a good actor.

If you are asked to choose between hosting and acting, which would you select and why?
NK: Acting! It is something that I can relate to.

You have done a lot of projects. Can you tell us which project you enjoyed the most? Why?
NK: I have done so many projects but my favourite one is Alif Allah Aur Insaan and Bhool, which is on air right now. It is a negative role and I’m really enjoying it. It is with ARY and I’ve recently signed another project, which is also a negative role.

Nimra Khan

How do you choose your roles and projects?
NK: I usually read the scripts with my mom and we both decide together whether I should pick a project or not. I think the director matters a lot when it comes to picking any project.

How was your experience of working in a film? What are your main concerns before accepting a role in a film?
NK: The experience was amazing and I really enjoyed the work. I would love to work more for my industry. I always look for a character who would have a positive impact on the audience. A role can be challenging and interesting at the same time.

What do you like most about your profession?
NK: The most wonderful thing about my profession is that I meet new people every day and I get so much love from all over the world. The most heart-warming thing is that I get blessings from people who I have never even seen.

Nimra Khan

What traits have you gained as an actor?
NK: I have gained patience and positivity because when you are working on the set day and night, you require both.

Where do you draw inspiration from?
NK: From my mother – she is a living example and the main inspiration for my life. Whatever I am today, I give all the credit to my mother. She has been working so hard and consistently for such a long time.

Nimra Khan

How important is it for an actor to be on trend? Or do you leave it to stylists entirely?
NK: We have to be very smart while choosing outfits for public appearances. It’s good to follow trends but sometimes we need to show our own style. I trust my stylist Waleed Nadeem in this matter; he understands what exactly I would like to carry.

Do you think it’s an artist’s responsibility to speak about matters that might be of public interest, such as politics or human rights? Or do you think there should be no compulsion?
NK: There should not be any compulsion about anything. I think it’s about personal choice and it should be up to the person whether they would like to speak about a matter or not. And if they feel strongly, they should definitely speak about it.

Where do you see yourself in the near future?
NK: I see myself working hard and like any actor, I would like to see myself growing and flourishing in the future.

Favourite actor?
NK: Abid Ali.

What are you watching these days?
NK: I am busy shooting my drama so I haven’t been getting the time to watch anything but I’m really looking forward to watching something interesting.

Describe yourself in three words.
NK: Hardworking, caring and persuasive.

Morning person or night owl?
NK: I am a morning person.

Favourite food?
NK: I am not a big foodie; I generally follow a good healthy diet.

Ideal destination?
NK: Somewhere in the Maldives.

Bollywood or Hollywood?
NK: Anywhere, it’s all about the art and the artist.

Acting to you is…?
NK: It is an art; it is portraying your heart in the form of a character.