Facilitation centre opens at parliament


ISLAMABAD: For the newly elected members of Pakistan’s 16th National Assembly, a one-window facilitation center has been built in Parliament House.

The Parliament House’s Committee Room No. 2 is now home to the facilitation center.

This center has eight counters where members are having their photos taken. It is decorated with banners welcoming the new members on behalf of Speaker Raja Pervez Ashraf.

A brochure containing the National Assembly’s norms and regulations is also being given to them.

It is being communicated to the new members that they are eligible to apply for diplomatic—blue—passports for themselves, their wives, parents, and unmarried children under the age of 28 as members of the National Assembly.

They will get this passport after taking an oath, but it will allow them to travel to 46 countries without a visa.
At these counters, bank account details of the returning candidates are being gathered.

These participants will receive their wages as well as other financial benefits in these accounts.

They are asked which of the four forums that are currently in session they would like to join at the legislative forum desk.

These include the Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) forums, youth development and welfare, children’s rights, and women’s rights.

In this one-window facilitation center, an International Relations desk has also been established up, where information on the new members’ political affiliations, educational background, and international travel is being logged.

According to the staff at the IR desk, the data will be used to develop assembly member profiles, which will then be posted on the National Assembly’s website. On the basis of these particulars, their participation in upcoming international forums or conferences will also be decided.

Members of the assembly are given the National Assembly card in the same room. According to representatives of the National Assembly, this facilitation center will be operational on Sunday, which is today.