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Sheheryar Munawar and Sadaf Kanwal talk to us about being the brand ambassadors for OPPO, their shoot in Sri Lanka, travel stories and their love for taking pictures


shehreyar and Sadaf kanwal

Sadaf Kanwal recently won the award for Model of the Year – Female, but one look at her projects proves that she is so much more. The beautiful Pakistani model and actress has a lot going for herself; from walking the ramp, to print and TV adverts, to acting, Sadaf seems to be doing it all. With roles in Balu Mahi, Na Maloom Afraad 2 and Apni Apni Love Story, she will also be starring in the highly anticipated upcoming period drama, Alif.
Sadaf recently went on a Sri Lankan tour with actor and producer Sheheryar Munawar.

Sheheryar Munawar is not just strikingly good looking; with a degree in finance from the Institute of Business Administration (IBA), there’s no doubt that he is one smart cookie. A talented actor and film producer, Sheheryar made his debut with Hum TV’s Meray Dard Ko Jo Zuban Miley, for which he won an award for Best New Sensation Television, and since then there’s been no looking back. His latest project, Parey Hut Love, which he not only starred in but also produced, was well received by Pakistani audiences.
Here, he discusses his switch to OPPO, his Sri Lankan tour, and more with OK! Pakistan.

When did you switch to OPPO and what was the one major deciding?
Sadaf Kanwal: I switched about a week back and I guess it would have to be the fact that I wanted a change, and I liked the camera too.
Sheheryar Munawar: My first time using OPPO was recently when I went to Sri Lanka for my ad campaign. I was the first one from Pakistan other than the OPPO team who was lucky enough to use the RENO 2 before it was launched. I loved the features of the camera, the 5X Zoom, the video stabilisation, and the picture result of the COD camera. Being a filmmaker, that one factor that really mattered to me… And also the fact that OPPO is delivering such a quality product at an affordable price.

Are you a picture person? Is taking pictures everyday an important part of your job? What do you think of the camera of Reno 2? What was your favourite photo taken during the recent Sri Lanka tour?
SK: In general I like taking pictures but being a part of the glamour world entails taking a plethora of them, with different looks in different places. So naturally the camera of the phone needs to be above par, and I feel like the RENO 2 camera does the trick! My favourite picture would be one I took at a restaurant post shoot!
SM: Being a filmmaker my camera is a tool essentially that I use all the time, whether it’s making videos or taking pictures. Pictures are important to me, which is why the COD Camera that the OPPO RENO 2 has is an important feature for me. And yes, I fell in love with the camera.
Generally during the trip I was taking pictures of the surroundings as well as my colleague on the project, who was Sadaf Kanwal. I really liked a couple of pictures that I took of Sadaf and I think she really liked them as well.

Shehreyar Manawar

How important is social media today for an actor/model? Do you feel the pressure to post stories and update your feed everyday?
SK: Social media is the most important thing. It’s the platform we thrive on to communicate with our fans and share or experiences. But sometimes the pressure of having the same caliber of material can get a little exhausting!
SM: To be honest, I don’t feel the pressure and I don’t post everyday. If you’ve followed me you will realise that I usually post when I am promoting my film, or when I am out on vacation, or when I am working, or when I feel the need to post. I don’t feel the need to post everyday just for the sake of posting. So no, I have never felt that pressure. But yes, social media is a very important tool for an actor. As an actor you are a people’s person and you have to connect with the audience. I feel that way it’s very important.

A smartphone is a fashion accessory and a tech device of today’s era. How would you rate your OPPO RENO in this regard?
SK: It’s the smartphone of my choice!
SM: I feel the smart phone has become a very important part of our lives today, in terms of the way we gather information, whether it’s reading the news in the morning, whether it’s catching up on shows on Netflix, whether it’s consuming content, whether it’s being able to connect with people including your loved ones or audiences – it’s generally for everything; there’s an app for everything out there. Even in terms of workouts, for instance, you can get an app that plans your workouts. So I feel a smart phone is very much a tool, which we need to keep up with in the fast paced life that we have today. At the same time if you will be carrying something with you all the time, it definitely has to complement your sense of style, and in that regard I especially like the blue and black colours of the RENO 2. I feel that OPPO has a really sleek design as well.

Tell us more about your new OPPO phone. What features are your favourite? Which features resonate well with your personality?
SK: The camera and of course its bold appearance as well.
SM: I think I’ve already mentioned the camera and all the features of the camera that really excite me, and I’ve already mentioned the sleek design. But for me there’s another cool thing, it’s the selfie camera. When you want to click a selfie, it’s Shark Fin camera allows for this short fin to come out from the top of your phone, which is essentially your selfie camera. I feel that’s really cool – makes me feel I am in a sci-fi film.

Sadaf kanwal

Do you listen to music while on the go? Do you play music on your phone?
SK: When I’m on the go, my phone is busy playing the music that’s got my ears hooked.
SM: Yes. Music is generally something you need to soothe your soul and since I’m always on the go for work, I need to have all my music saved on my phone to save me from bad play lists. So I carry my music with me on my phone and I carry my portable speaker or my headphones with me all the time.

How was the shoot in Sri Lanka? The photographer took pictures from the OPPO phone instead of a regular high-resolution camera. What did you think of the picture quality?
SK: The shoot was amazing! And the pictures were beautiful, too.
SM: The trip Sri Lanka was amazing. I was travelling to Sri Lanka after quite a few years (after the civil war had ended), so I was seeing Sri Lanka in a new light. The spirit in Sri Lanka was amazing and there was a lot of hope you could see in people’s eyes. They are very warm as always. I had a wonderful time.
I took a few clicks with the phone and was surprised to see the pictures because it was as if they were taken by a professional photographer. Generally, all the photos taken by the OPPO RENO 2 seemed like very sleek, professionally taken pictures, as the phone is a very creditable and very solid tool when it comes to the camera. So the OPPO RENO 2 camera and the photographer’s expertise put together led to amazing results!

Any fun moments you’d like to share from the shoot?
SK: One of them would have to be eating some delicious food at the Ministry of Crab!
SM: We got to travel around Sri Lanka; we went to Colombo and Galle. I got to see the amazingly talented architect, Geoffrey Bawa’s works and some of the buildings he designed. We also ate at a place called the Ministry of Crab, where I had an amazing meal. I think generally just being at a beautiful seaside resort and waking up to the sun and sand is always so great.

Shehreyar Munawar

How was it working on the OPPO shoot? What was the chemistry like?
SK: It was amazing working with Sheheryar Munawar – he’s a gem!
SM: It was my first project with Sadaf and she was wonderful, positive, and encouraging. She was good company, which was amazing because we were travelling a lot for the project; so to have a co-worker with all these traits is always great. I think we shared amazing work chemistry and I love the pictures.

What’s your style statement? How does the OPPO RENO 2 embody it?
SK: I’ve always considered my style to be diverse – on the one hand I’m pretty trendy with my athleisure style and on the other I dress up when I’m feeling it! The OPPO Reno 2 embodies flexibility, just like my style!
SM: I personally believe that fashion comes and goes but style stays forever. My style aesthetics remain timeless, and similarly with its black and blue colour and its sleek design, I feel that the OPPO is timelessly stylish. I think it perfectly complements my style with its sleek, no nonsense, and beautiful appearance.

If we challenge you to shoot a short film from this phone, would you be up for it?
SK: I’m always up for a challenge!
SM: Definitely, given the specs of the phone along with the right kind of pre-production. I think we should be able to come up with something really interesting. You’ve got me excited.

Sadaf kanwal



The last text you sent?
SK: I sent a “love you” message to my mother!
SM: To my little brother, Mickey (planning his birthday dinner).

Hashtag that describes your life?
SK: Don’t call me hot!
SM: #painistemporarygloryisforever.

One social media account that we have to follow?
SK: Naomi Campbell.
SM: Classy Badassery

One app we should download?
SK: Pinterest.
SM: WeChat.

Favourite website?
SK: YouTube.
SM: This new Pakistani news website, ProperGaanda.

TV show you love right now?
SK: The Ellen DeGeneres Show.
SM: Money Heist.

Last book you read?
SK: Eat Pray Love!
MK: Mindful Thinking.

Who would play you in the movie of your life?
SK: Who knows?
SM: Steve McQueen (I wish!) but I’ll settle for Ryan Gosling.

Favourite fictional character?
SK: Fallon from Dynasty.
SM: Tyler Durden from Fight Club.

What’s your karaoke song?
SK: Cheerleader!
SM: Cocaine by Eric Clapton.

Last movie you saw?
SK: Joker.

Last holiday destination?
SK: London.
SM: South of Italy.

Last thing you bought?
SK: A Rolex.
SM: A duffle bag.

Best thing you can cook?
SK: Brain masala.
SM: Stories.

Favourite sandwich filling?
SK: Jalapeño.
SM: Roast beef.

Favourite pizza topping?
SK: I don’t like pizza.
SM: I don’t like pizza.

Favourite restaurant in Pakistan?
SK: Okra.
SM: Shinwari.

Dream dinner party guest?
SK: Bradley Cooper.
SM: Quentin Tarantino.

Favourite hotel in the world?
SK: St. Regis.

Favourite designer?
SK: Chanel.

Favourite fashion capital?
SK: Milan.

Star style icon?
SK: Nabila.
SM: David Beckham and Ryan Gosling.

Your biggest fear?
SK: Losing people.
SM: Complacency.

Celebrity dream date?
SK: Will Smith.

Best gift you ever received?
SK: A sari from my mother.
SM: Maa ki Dua.

Personal motto?
SK: Live and let live!
SM: Live and let live!

Word or phrase you say the most?
SK: “Yaar!”
SM: “Basically”/“essentially”.

Interview & Styling: Rao Ali Khan
Photography: Adam Black
Make-up for Sadaf Kanwal: Nabila’s Salon
Sheheryar’s grooming: Shammal Qureshi – Tony and Guy North PKok logo