Actress Zhalay Sarhadi shares details of her recent trip with OK! Pakistan


Where did you go?
Zhalay Sarhadi: I went to Turkey – mainly Istanbul.

What made you go to Turkey?
ZS: I love the diversity of cultures it offers. The Asian side and the European side both have their own charm.

What did you pack?
ZS: Essentials including clothes, supplements, apt foot wear and my keto roti.

What was your favourite meal/restaurant?
ZS: I love their authentic cuisine so I had a lot of kebabs and roasted aubergine.

What was the biggest highlight of your trip/most memorable moment?
ZS: It was when we went to see the old historic monuments including Blue Mosque, Hagia Sophia and the Grand Bazaar.

Favourite shopping destination?
ZS: I did not go to shop there but Istiklal street has all the local and international brands in one place.

Some sights worth seeing?
ZS: Every single street in Istanbul, Cappadocia, Antalya and Izmir are a must visit.

What are some spots for a night out?
ZS: We were in a hotel called W in Besiktas and the night life was roaring there.

Travel essentials?
ZS: Everything I packed.

Any travel tips you would like to share?
ZS: Travel light as international flights offer more luggage allowance but local flights don’t, so travel with essentials only and keep a hand carry just in case.

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