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heads to South America!


Where Did you go?
Ali Azmat: We did the popular stretch of South America all the way from Brazil to Argentina!

What made you go here?
AA: It’s a culturally distinct corner of the world! The initial plan was a bike tour which is my guilty pleasure but it didn’t happen as planned. We still made the most of it and had a great time! Travelling only requires an adventurous approach!

What did you pack?
AA: I tend to pack light and comfy! We spent most of the time on the road exploring as much as possible rather than finding one spot and holing up.

What was your favourite meal/restaurant?
AA: In Argentina we found a very desi-vibed subcontinent street food joint. They had their own variations of samosa chaats and it was a great find!

Favourite shopping destination?
AA: Trips are for exploring, not shopping! But I can’t help myself when I see a music store, which i did in Rio, and i tried my hands on a couple of Uke’s and acoutic guitars and it was a great experience!

Some sights worth seeing?
AA: Oh, South America has it all! From the popular Copacabana and Christ the Redeemer to some rare street-art spots in Buenos Aires that were a real treat!

What are some spots for a night out?
AA: When you’re travelling, I feel the after-dark hours are to kickback and really bask in the newness of a place you’re exploring. And to just experience life as it happens among people and places that you have just come to discover!
Travel essentials…
AA: The most comfortable attire especially when taking road-trips and of course, my personal neckrest!

Any travel tips you would like to share?
AA: There is no such thing as too much exploring. Life begins on the road!

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