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Nomi Ansari heads to Orlando and New York...


Nomi Ansari

Ace designer Nomi Ansari gives OK! Pakistan the low down on his travels to Orlando & New York.

Where did you go?
Nomi Ansari: Orlando and New York.

What made you go here?
NA: Disney and Universal Studios.

What did you pack?
NA: Orlando was warm and I decided to go for shorts and T-shirts paired with sneakers, caps, sunblock, sunglasses and a bag pack.

Nomi Ansari

What was your favourite meal/restaurant?
NA: Anything and everything halal.

What was the biggest highlight of your trip/most memorable moment?
NA: The Harry Potter ride at Universal Studios and the Avatar ride at Disney’s Animal Kingdom.

Nomi Ansari

Favourite shopping destination?
NA: Abercrombie and Fitch stores or 5th Avenue in New York.

Some sights worth seeing?
NA: The Times Square view from my hotel window.

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