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Shazia Naz shares highlights of her recent trip to Istanbul


Where did you go?
Istanbul, Turkey.

What inspired you to go?
I was there for a photoshoot but i decided to stay back a few more days to explore the city.

Travel must haves?
Breathable face masks, hand sanitizer, portable charger, sunscreen, mini first aid kit (band-aids, antiseptic, pain killer, blister pads), pair of sneakers, travel wipes, fanny pack.

Most memorable moment during your trip?
My first ever experience of praying in the mosque – I got a chance to attend Friday Congregational Prayers at Hagia Sophia Mosque which was recently converted into a mosque after 86 years.  My emotions and feelings were indescribable. It was the most memorable moment for me.

Travel tips?
Carry a small backpack with all essentials since airlines aren’t allowing cabin baggage right now.
Carry travel insurance and contact information. Keep cash in hand (in US dollars) cash on hand in case cards get cancelled or lost.
Download the Google Translate app and don’t forget copies of your passport or else save it online.
You must try local cuisine and street food!

Would you do anything differently next time?
I would stay longer to go to the mausoleum of Jalal ad-Din Rumi in Konya and visit Bodrum.

Favourite places and sights to visit?
Bosphorus cruise, Hagia Sophia mosque and Galata tower.
Spice Bazar for the most amazing variety of spices, nuts and Turkish delights.

Best place to shop?
Turkish local brands on Istiklal street, and international brands Istinye Park shopping mall

Favourite restaurant or club recommendations?
Sunset Grill & Bar – fine dining with abeautiful view.

Which city is next on your bucket list?
Santorini, Greece.


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