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WALEE PARTNERS beta launch with Waliya Najib


Islamabad, 28th Aug 2023 – WALEE, Pakistan’s first influencer marketing platform is on the mission to unify the creator economy. Walee has established a reputation as a strong MarTech players with its use of data and AI to help advertisers in Influencer marketing. And now, Walee is taking the same technology and aiming to help Creators with their “Walee Partners” program. The AI-powered program aims to provide creators with advanced insights, inspirations, predictive analytics. With the launch of this groundbreaking program, WALEE takes a giant leap towards realizing the vision to identify how creators can tap into new technology, data, and AI and be able to provide a product that adds value to their ‘creator careers’ by teaming up with none other than one of Pakistan’s biggest creators, Waliya Najib.

Waliya has taken on the role of Creator partner on this project. Her first hand experience as a creator with over 1.4 million followers, provides WALEE with valuable insights and perspective to help further develop technology that will benefit fellow creators in the creator economy. The product is slated to contain exciting features such as:

1) Smart Profiling; match with similar interests, and niches.

2) Data-Driven Insights; Walee’s proprietary Influencer Insights Report with over 70 data points helps Creators produce better, more impactful content

3) Personal Creative Assistant: AI-tailored recommendations and insights to inspire their creative journey, fostering growth.

4) Performance & ROI Predictions: Empowering creators with the foresight for maximum reach and engagement with predictive outcomes .

5) Streamlined Partnerships: Seamless workflows for influencers and brands to enhance efficiency in their content creation journey.

The collaboration with Waliya Najib is a testament to WALEE’s commitment to fostering innovation and continuing to generate revolutionary change within the influencer ecosystem. This collaboration is set to elevate the landscape, serving as a trailblazing example of how AI and creativity can fuse together to redefine how content is created and consumed tomorrow.

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Launched in November 2019, with a vision to grow the creator economy, WALEE is Pakistan’s leading influencer marketing and social commerce platform with more than 150,000 influencers and 5,000 merchants across nearly 300 cities. WALEE is a remarkable success story of a brand that started from humble beginnings and has now become a global success, servicing the largest Telcos, FMCGs, Retail, and Luxury Brands across MENA, Pakistan, Turkey, South East Asia, and Central Asia. An important factor in the company’s success has been its compliance and corporate governance practices. WALEE is the first and only MarTech player operating in the advertising and marketing sector of Pakistan to have achieved six ISO certifications, it’s also one of the very few IT services companies in Pakistan to have achieved this feat. WALEE’s full MarTech suite includes WALEE Creator Insights, Influencer Marketing Services, Social Commerce, Social Listening, and Digital Service Center. WALEE has been supported by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, Google Accelerator, Ignite under the Ministry of IT, Amazon, and others.

Discover more about WALEE at www.walee.pk

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Media Contact: Asna Hassan Rizvi asna.rizvi@walee.pk

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