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The emerging actor on following in his father’s footsteps, pursuing his passion, and making waves for his work in Sang-e-Mah and Qissa Meherbano Ka


Zaviar Ejaz entered the Pakistani drama industry with a bang, starring in the hit drama series Qissa Meherbano Ka alongside Mawra Hocane and Ahsan Khan. Being the son of veteran actor Nauman Ejaz, expectations from audiences were high and Zaviar did not disappoint. His ongoing second project Sang-e-Mah, directed by Saifee Hassan and produced by Momina Duraid, is already creating waves. Zaviar acts alongside his father in this HUM TV series, in addition to singer-actor Atif Aslam. With two massive projects in such a short span of time coupled with impressive acting skills despite being a fairly new actor, we can’t wait to see what Zaviar Ejaz has to offer.

When did you first think about pursuing acting?
ZAVIYAR EJAZ: The thought of acting has always been at the back of my mind for as long as I can remember. Despite this, it wasn’t until my second year in university that I seriously thought about pursuing acting as a profession.
I vividly remember the day that pushed me toward this career. I was walking outside my university’s Performing Arts building, and was feeling stressed out because of my exams. I was not the only one, literally everyone I saw had a frown or signs of worry on their faces. It was here that I saw a bunch of media and theatre students walk out of the building. They were laughing and this struck me as unique. How could these people be so joyful and stress free in exam season? They were carrying cameras, lights and shooting equipment, but you could see they were genuinely enjoying it. This made me want to take a look inside that life. We soon opened a restaurant in Canada and had media interviews. That was the first time I sat and spoke in front of the camera. It was a beautiful moment – I didn’t want to get up! I was told by them that I was a pro at it.
These two welcoming experiences made it easy for me to come to the decision of pursuing acting as a profession.

What do you have to say when critics talk about nepotism?ZE: I will never shy away from the fact that I am my father’s son. He has worked hard his entire life for us. I understand that because I am the son of Nauman Ejaz, people will judge me and analyze me in different ways. Comparisons will be thrown around, along with talks of nepotism, but should I give up on my dream of being an actor because I am my father’s son? Of course not! He is my main source of inspiration, and if I can be even 1/10th of the man he is, I would be happy. I look up to my father as a mentor and I want to follow in his footsteps. I will never be ashamed to say I am the son of one of Pakistan’s greatest actors.

Tell us about your journey about losing weight and getting fit before facing the camera?
ZE: I believe fitness should be a permanent part of an individual’s life. However getting there requires a huge push, which for me came the day I told my dad I want to pursue this career. For someone like me who had never been to gyms, following a routine wasn’t easy but my goal pushed me through the tough routine and injuries.

Where do you see yourself in the next five years?
ZE: Well, you can interview me again in five years to find out! (Laughs). I intend to actively pursue my career in acting but I don’t want to restrict myself by building a very detailed plan around it. I live in the moment and take it one day at a time rather than stressing over the future or dwelling over the past. I want to see where life takes me, which hopefully will be somewhere good InshaAllah.

Did you try theatre in Canada and would you be interested in working there for OTT platforms?
ZE: I think theatre should remain an important part of an actor’s life, it can teach you a lot even when you think you have little to learn. I sat through theatre plays at university and took some theatre classes as well to get a feel of the work and the field. Unfortunately I  was never able to muster the courage to perform or rather I wasn’t confident enough in my initial stages of coming across this new world of art.
As far as OTT platforms are concerned, I would absolutely love to get the opportunity. So I’m most definitely open to such projects.

Do you seek advice from your dad before signing a project? Any acting tips that he has shared with you?
ZE: Of course! When I’m offered something I discuss it with him; who better to go to when you have an institution at home. My father is a very important part of my career, I think I wouldn’t have been able to get here without his teachings. And while he encourages me to make independent decisions, his guidance has a major impact on my choices. I wouldn’t say the tips he gives me fall under acting but he says to be a good actor one needs to be a good human being. Acting requires freedom, inner freedom that allows you to bring out what you have inside of you, freedom of voice/movement  where you don’t protect yourself and are able to let go.

What makes you happy and what bothers you the most?
ZE: As a normal guy I’d say my family, friends and good food make me happy. As an actor it would be the satisfaction I get when I successfully execute a scene that appears to be too difficult. That said task can also be what takes away my peace of mind.

Sharing screen space with Atif Aslam must be an experience. You both are relatively new to acting. Please share some insight and how was your chemistry working with him off screen and on screen.
ZE: Atif Aslam is an artist through and through; even with little experience in acting he took everything head-on, getting it done like a pro. I was really lucky to have observed him this closely and to have shared the screen with him.

Do you like method acting or are you spontaneous? How was it working with Saifee?
ZE: I would say I am a mix of both, but as I am still relatively new to acting, I like to follow most of what the director explains. Working with such big personalities early in my career will definitely serve as a jumpstart and provide me with an environment I can learn and grow in.

Favourite designer?
ZE: I’m not brand conscious at all so I have no favourite brand!

One thing that you love about Pakistan…
ZE: Pakistan is home and I can’t pick just one thing I love about home.

Most inspirational person you know?
ZE: My father and Muniba Mazari are two of the most inspirational people I know.

Favourite song?
ZE: Hard to pick one favourite song because I listen to different genres.

Favourite restaurant or cuisine?
ZE: I don’t have one favourite restaurant. I absolutely love eating meat so any place/cuisine works as long as I get gosht.

Three words that best describe you…
ZE: Diligent, Loyal, Reliable.

The one thing you cannot live without?
ZE: I cannot live without my family and best friends.

Any book you would recommend?
ZE: I recently read Power of Now so I guess that’s my favourite book at the moment.

Favourite luxury brand or item you own?
ZE: Again I’m not a brand conscious person so I don’t really have any favourite designers.

Best holiday destination?
ZE: Best holiday destination would be anywhere with mountains.

Your most memorable experience?
ZE: I’m somewhat an adrenaline junkie so for me my most memorable experience would be bungee jumping off a 500ft cliff.

A piece of advice that changed your life?
ZE: “Don’t give up what you want most for what you want now. Ease is a greater threat to success than hardship!”


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