With the COVID-19 pandemic spreading, a lot of us are spending lockdown time at home focusing on self-care.


With the COVID-19 pandemic spreading, a lot of us are spending lockdown time at home focusing on self-care. Workouts are on a rise, home cooked meals are being prepared with the efficacy of a Michelin star restaurant and beauty routines are not only being watched online but practiced at home with a surefire determination.
So while you focus on beauty, we bring you 6 hero products, tried & tested, that are made in Pakistan and can be sourced locally obviously (with airports being shut international supplies are hard to find), that you can order or purchase from your favorite grocery stores around town.

SALINA COSMETICS SweetGlow Exfoliating Face Polish

salina cosmeticsWant to brighten your skin, clear pores and reduce the appearance of white and blackheads, try the all-natural Sweetglow exfoliating face polish. It smells better than the Four Season’s Spa and leaves your skin hydrated and nourished. Made with brown sugar, strawberry extract, sweet orange, shea butter, and almond oil – it shares a special space on our beauty counter and we love it! So, stock up on it when you go for groceries next.
PKR 1,400 www.salinacosmetics.com;


PRIMARY Glow Toner

primary glow tonerThere’s literally no need to buy international products that cost an arm and a leg when our local beauty industry is on the rise. The Glow Toner contains aloe, chamomile, lavender with 3% Glycolic acid which naturally cleanses the skin, hydrates it and renews it to fight the signs of aging. It gets your skin glowing, so glow on and get some.
PKR 1,400 www.primarypk.com



og organixLike a bunch of Japanese face exfoliants (which we’ve used), the locally-made Polished Rice & Papaya Enzyme Micro-Exfoliant works wonders for the skin. It feels like powder upon touching but when washed off reveals smooth, soft, exfoliated, clean skin. If you haven’t tried it, do us a favor and try it.
PKR 2,000 www.ogorganix.com.pk


SPA IN A BOTTLE Rose Beauty Elixir

spa in a bottle

Post cleansing, post your serum and cream – seal the deal with the Rose Beauty Elixir. It is an organic blend of light essential oils such as: rose oil, rosehip seed oil, evening primrose, pumpkin seed oil and more to hydrate the skin giving it an ample amount of radiance.
PKR 990 www.spainabottle.net


CONATURAL Ultra Moisturizing Organic Hand & Nail Cream

conaturalWe’ve all been over-washing and over-sanitizing our hands leaving them dry and chapped. Now more than ever, your hands need that TLC to nourish, hydrate and moisturize them. Keep it next to your sink and apply generously post wash or beside your bed at night. Just remember to keep applying it to prevent moisture loss and give your hands the suppleness they deserve.
PKR 359 www.conaturalintl.com;


ZEH BEAUTY Jade Roller and Gua Sha Set

zeh beauty

Want to take your beauty routine to the next level? Use tools such as the Jade Beauty Roller and Gua Sha set to allow your serums, creams, and oils to penetrate more deeply into the skin. Jade rollers not only allow deeper penetration they also reduce puffiness, drain the lymphatic system and increase blood circulation which tightens the face and Fights aging. If you use this regularly, your skin will look tighter and you won’t need fillers.
PKR 5,500 www.zehcreations.com