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Sets off to Turkey and shares all the details with OK! Pakistan


Where did you go?
Zarnish Khan: Turkey.

Why did you go?
ZK: Wanted to catch a break.

What did you pack?
ZK: Everything – mostly random stuff, most of which I couldn’t even use.

What was your favourite meal?
ZK: Beef doner and their local street food.

What was the highlight of your trip?
ZK: Hot air balloon ride.

What was your favourite shopping destination?
ZK: Taksim Square in Istanbul and all over Antalya.

What hotspots would you recommend?
ZK: Cappadocia, Fairy Chimneys, museums, and don’t miss the quad biking experience, which was amazing with breathtaking views.

What are some spots for a night out?
ZK: There are a lot of fine dining restaurants in Istanbul.

Travel essentials?
ZK: Power bank, chargers, quick make-up kit, phone, passport, and cash.

Travel tips?
ZK: Big cities are great but try visiting small historical towns because they’re a lot more fun in terms of food and they’re culturally very rich.

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