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The British-Pakistani actress shares details of her latest trip to the beautiful backdrop of Game of Thrones.

Where did you go?
Zoha Rahman: Croatia.

What made you go here?
ZH: After finishing filming a drama in Pakistan, I had to quarantine there before I went back to the UK.

What did you pack?
ZH: Lots of whites, light cottons, dresses and wedges.

What was favourite meal/restaurant?
ZH: My favourite meal was super fresh seafood at a family run restaurant on Brač Island, and my favourite restaurants were the gorgeous Bokeria and the super cute Sug in Split.

What was the biggest highlight of your trip/most memorable moment?
ZH: We hired a boat for the day and toured the Dalmation coast, jumping off to cool down in the water and swimming into sea caves. The water was so clear and blue! We got off and explored different islands; stopping at Stomorska for lunch, Milna for coffee, Šolta for ice cream!

Favourite shopping destination?
ZH: Split is a city created within the walls of a massive palace, it’s full of tiny cobbled streets and every turn you take you see a row of beautiful local shops. They are known for their figs and their lavender produce, so their organic shops are the best.

Some sights worth seeing?
ZH: Take a walking tour of Split for sure; there’s so much history and details in the Palace of Diocletian. Stay in the main courtyard for the changing of the guards followed by live music in the evenings! There are also Game of Thrones filming sites across town. For the more active; you must hike up to the viewpoint on top of Marjan Hill.

What are some spots for a night out?
ZH: Start your night at the best pizza restaurant in town called Bokamorra. Then make your way down the harbour lined with fun restaurants and great music, and end the night at ROOF68 dancing under the stars.

Travel essentials?
ZH: Sunscreen! The sun is very strong and a hat in addition will help. You will also need comfy walking shoes as the main city is fully pedestrian and you’ll enjoy getting lost in the tiny streets for hours.

Any travel tips you would like to share?
ZH: Don’t over-plan, have a rough idea and then just go where the city pulls you. The gram is important, but being in the moment is more enjoyable, I promise.

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